Monday, May 23, 2011

{Mother's Day '11'}

I did NOT see this one coming! John knows that I am terrible about not being able to wait for presents. I will bug and bug and bug until he finally gives in. So now, he's found a way to break the suspence without giving the surprise away, LYING! He and Sebastian had me going good. He apparently briefed him on what to say. So as soon as I got Bash alone, I started probing, he had me totally believing that John had gotten me the Wii, along with the Just Dance Zumba edition game. The next morning, I was awakened to a delicious breakfast in bed, surrounded by John and the kids, and cards and "the gift". When I opened it, I didn't know whether to be concerned that Sebastian was such a convincing liar, or excited about the gorgeous diamond earrings they bought me. SCORE JOHN!!! Good on ya...This pyramid's for you.

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