Monday, March 21, 2011

{"The Big Apple" Birthday Trip}

Hello New York! John, took us on this fabulous trip as a belated birthday present to me. We wanted to do a Broadway show and were so fortunate that my MIL could come along to watch Beck, who is still somewhat tethered to me and had to come by default. Let me just say that NY was by far one of the friendliest cities we've ever been to. I've often heard people say the opposite and was just blown away by how helpful and kind and friendly people were. New Yorkers are super passionate about their city and mostly everyone we came in contact with was really knowledgeable about the history. It was a wonderful trip, although TOO SHORT to possibly do everything on our list, the good thing is... we'll have to go again to finish that list, soon! We did the Empire State building, Time square, Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Battery Park, Central Park, NBC studios, Rockefeller Center, 5th avenue, FAO, tours to Little Italy, Chinatown, ground zero: saw BillyJoe Armstrong from Greenday, and I'm ashamed to say that the highlight was seeing Alec Baldwin walk past us 2 ft. away. So, there you have it, FUGGEDABOUDIT!
Some one's happy to be here on our way to Phantom

Billy Joe sighting
the obligatory Empire shot

If you watched the BH Housewives, you'll get this... DON'T JUDGE ME! I watched Atlanta too
John got to practice his Arabic...A LOT
If you watched NY housewives, you'll get this too
Welcome to Zarin Fabrics, hello! Battery Park I love her, especially growing up and everyone asking if your mom is the Statue of Liberty because of your name (mostly an elementary thing)

Knockoff shades and scarfs are a must in Little Italy

John:My wife asked if you'd take a pic with our son
FAO guy: Sure
(John tries to hand him Beckham)
(FAO guy pushes him away)
FAO guy: I've got a bad back
John: Oh....ok...I'll just hold him

Yanet with NY's Bravest

My husband being a die hard Beatles fan, this was the highlight of his trip, I'd say. On our way to see Lion King
this is insane, a huge ferris wheel inside the Toy R Us this MAC stayed open til midnight, you know I was there 10 min.til 12. I made a midnight run for Kabobs, pizza, drinks, and yeah... a little makeup, so what?

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  1. What a FUN trip!!! I miss you! We need to do something soon!


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