Thursday, December 16, 2010

{We had a Paris (Pe-ree) Merry Christmas}

As you can tell the pictures are a little out of order but I am tooo exhausted to even try to blog about this much less arrange them right now. I'll tweak it later but I just wanted to get some pics up for those requesting. Enjoy!
1-8-11 - Ok I'm back for tweaking...I've rearranged pics and will add commentary here and there as I'm sure since you've already seen all of them, there's no need for great detail, other than to say, We spent 3 fabulous days in Paris then took a train from Gare Du Nord to Brussels (spent one night), then took the train to Amsterdam (spent one night), then back to Paris. John planned this trip to the letter, from passports to planes, trains, buses, tours, museums, attractions, shopping, my OCD husband had this very well planned. Next is New York in Spring then Argentina and Utah in Summer, then Egypt in fall. As long as he does the planning I'll go to the moon and back.
My first shot of the Eiffel tower The boys sportin their France jerseys
Of course we brought record breaking snow... So in order to escape... We headed to the Louvre In case you are wondering, this is St. Sebastian Just to give you an idea of the scale we couldn't seem to wrap our minds around Breathtaking I love this guard, what was he gonna do, really? Ok now I have to explain this... Mia has some sort of resemblence to a character or figure in the Asian culture because everywhere we went, they would stop us to take photos with her. She started a frenzy in the Louvre. I mean families were crowding around her and kneeling to pose with her. It was unreal to say the least. My boys Excited to be out of the bitter cold
He kept saying "This is just like the De Vinci Code" even though he's never seen it The line outside before the snow Ok so apparently she's a hit with the Aglerians too. Salsa dancing in Paris, who knew? This skips us over to Brussels
The kids had done so much grown up stuff that we needed to regroup and let them do some kid stuffThis store was like Pottery Barn meets Ikea, I didn't want to leave Belgian waffle with godiva chocolate, strawberries, bananas and whip cream, DEELISH!Try saying this fast 3x's
We treked for miles in search of Manequin Pis, we thought it would be this grand statue, no, he's only like 18in. tall, but super cute Bash made friends quickly Mia was actually a better skater, I was the one holding her back Bash wants this to be his 1st car This should have a heart between the I and A You know I had to have one of those, my mom and I are suckers for some candy apples
Keeping busy on the train After all the shopping in Brussels, Mia decided she wanted to put on everything we bought her, including her boy shorts
This is one of the funnest attractions at the Belgian Christmas market. It's design was super Tim Burton style There's Bash in the rocket, John and I still laugh to tears when we remember seeing him go up and not knowing when it would stop, we thought he was lifting off to the moon, it was hilarious.
literally "a band of gypsys" their music was cool
A Christmas light show off of the castle wall

John and I did get caught up planning our next move and relied on everyone to help out with Becks, Mia was happy to


  1. What AMAZING pictures! It looks like your family had a wonderful time. So happy for you. :) Don't know who was the photographer, just nice job!
    Hoping I can meet Byron there in the spring on his way home for a few days.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. What a fun Christmas Trip!!! I'm so glad you guys had so much fun!

  3. Huh, I seem to remember a number of crabby French guards standing around the Mona Lisa instructing that no photos be taken. It's so nice that they gave you special permission to photograph the priceless masterpiece! :)

  4. love that you got to go on this trip and especially able to take pictures of so many historical places and pictures. Wow I remember some similar shots when putting the album together for your mom of their travels with your dad how awesome is it to be able to return to such places and share similar experiences with your own family. Good times good memories. Glad you were able to travel to Paris we hope to go there some day know what you mean about being tired we just got back about a month ago from Hong Kong and I still am not with the program. Take care and have a Blessed Christmas.

  5. Your pictures are beautiful and it looks like you guys had a blast! I'm so jealous--I have always wanted to go to Europe. Someday! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


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