Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ricker Sealing - Dallas

I LOVE SEALINGS!!! This last weekend we drove to Dallas to attend a sealing for the Rickers who are related through my brother and sister in law. I was telling my SIL, Jenna, that it felt so good to sit through a sealing without all of the attention on you, and also getting to really take it all in. It was a beautiful ceremony and we couldn't be happier for Elaine and Jared. Elaine looked so gorgeous in the fabulous dress SHE made. She is also expecting and so she thought it'd be easier to tailor with the growth of her pregnant tummy if she did it herself. Everything was perfect, her children were so precious, her husband was so sweet and attentive and that includes the lovely reception at their chapel afterward. We are so happy that we could be a part of this unforgettable and special day!


Yippeee, We're done here!
Oh these girls were just lovin on each other
Jack: Don't think I've forgotten about you, even though we're far apart, I still miss you! Mia: I miss you too
"Reunited and it feels so good..."
Bad combo for kids: Mom + Camera + Temple = TONS of pics!!!

After the reception and a LONG nap at our hotel, we got together for dinner with the Rickers at Joe Willy's, only the most fabulously greasy, salty, and fried food you could imagine. I don't mean greasy in a bad way either! It was DELISH! The pregos (Elaine and I) both had FRIED PICKLES, FRIED MUSHROOMS, burgers, and of coarse Blue belle ice cream to top it off. It was the coolest place I'd been to in a long time.
Good and Evil- I'll let you decide which ones which
Lil Jared wanted to pose too!

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  1. AMERICA!! I love love love all the pictures!! They look great!! I just got done eating some greasy salty Joe Willy's leftovers and yes they are still yummy!! I know I've said it a 100 times but again, we are SO glad that you guys came to spend our special day with us, yall are great and we love you!!


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