Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 Knees ?

So, since John couldn't wait for me to announce the gender of our baby, he immediately upon hearing it from the sonographer, bolted out of the room to call family, and so I texted the rest of the people he hadn't managed to speed dial, this (super tacky to some, but hilarious to us)
"Our baby has three knees, a RIGHT KNEE, a LEFT KNEE, and a WIENIE"
Yep, today we found out that the sweet little spirit we've been waiting for, Beckham Thomas, is on his way! I kept thanking Heavenly Father over and over in my head as we saw him on the monitor all curled up in my belly. Although I always told John I hope it's a boy, he was always quick to remind me he "already has one." I know he loves Bash more than life itself, but I just wanted to see what a little Johncito (his Cuban nickname) would look like. We shall see.....


  1. oh,,,,mia needs a little brother. and bash will have a new shadow! love the name!!!!

  2. YES!!!!!
    Let me give you the version on spelling the name.. You ready?? Yansito:-)))))) How cool!!! FELICIDADES!!!!! You know nena.. like hon peepo? home depot;-) Oh yes?? Cubans have a way with words.

  3. Yay!! I'm so excited for you guys!! He is going to be one cute little guy! Congrats:)

  4. America! You guys are so lucky and you're doing to have SO MUCH FUN! I love little boys. I can't believe you are that far a long already. THIRD baby and you aren't even poppin' out!

  5. YIPPIE!!!!! Beckham is SUCH a cute name! I threw that one at Jared, one of about 500 that he denied, glad you guys are going with it though! We decided on Russell Owen finally! SO Russell and Beckham can be great buddies!!! LOVE IT!


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