Sunday, January 6, 2013

Holiday Wrap up 2012

Being in Florida this holiday season was bitter sweet... we missed our loved ones something awful, but are grateful for all of the relationships we've established here and all of the opportunities that John's project has presented.  With that being said, we made the most of our time before baby Ainsley was expected to come, hoping that it would either before or after Christmas so that I could be home to open gifts with the kids on Christmas morning... I am so grateful I was able to see Mia in her school Christmas program and do all of the other little Christmas traditions that our family enjoys. Here's a little recap.
Since our little Mia is so unpredictable, we didn't know how she was going to do with her speaking part, but she nailed it!

 I loved this idea...Mia's music teacher wheeled in a beautiful cake to remind the children of the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus's birthday.  The kids blew out the candle after the program and it was the sweetest thing.

Here they are enjoying it 

The one tradition that John and I both had when we were little was opening one gift on Christmas Eve.  Not a surprise, this might be the kids favorite. 

Beckham definitely understood the unwrapping a gift concept... he waned to open everyones present

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