Saturday, October 9, 2010

{Let's POT-TAY ! }

I don't know whatever possessed me to start potting training Mia at 20 months? It must have been all the women in my family saying "Do it now, she's getting too old to be changed", maybe it's a Hispanic thing, maybe I'm losing my mind, oh no wait I remember... it's because 1. she was crouching in baskets to do her bidness and then telling me she had gone to the bathroom after the fact and bringing me "wipes & dipes" to change her 2. It's not fun changing newborn mustard seed poo all day + Mia's adult size poo (sorry to be so graphic) and 3. I was dying to put all those cute little undies on her. CLEARLY she was ready! So, here we are week 2 and she's got it down, she's a potty girl now.

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