Thursday, September 23, 2010

{Temple + kiddos = a lovely afternoon}

John and I had an overwhelming urge to go to temple after Beckham was born, but what to do with the lil ones? Well, we were determined to go even if one of us had to wait in the car with the kids while the other went in. Luckily my MIL agreed to stay with them in the visitors room. As always, it was an incredibly spiritual experience and it was made clear what the urgency was in our promptings. The temple was going to be closed for maintenace that next week so John would've have missed his opportunity to go with me and have to wait for quite a while. As always I am so grateful for the guidance, we as God's children, are abundantly blessed with. It still amazes me how much my testimony grows with blessings like this and how much it will continue to grow.

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