Friday, February 20, 2009

Museum of History and Natural Science

As I was downloading the photos for this post, I was almost reluctant to do so after seeing how poorly we behaved at the museum. Our conduct was unbecoming you'll see why! haha. To sum it up we put our daughter in not one but TWO dinosaurs mouths, my son posed like a gorilla, my husband pretended to eat like some exotic deer, and then proceeded to dance with a skeleton. But we had SOOOOO much FUN doing it!!!
Overall it was a great trip and we had a blast. It occured to us while we were watiing for the metro with a stroller, diaper bag, camera bag, and two children, that this was our first outing as a family with our lil Mia. Then the whole day John kept hugging me and saying "Look at my family". We ended the day shopping in Rice Village and had dinner at a wonderful little traditional North Indian cuisine restaurant called the Bombay Brasserie. It was delicious. Whenever anyone is down for some good ole Indian food give us a hollar.

Couldn't resist


  1. You guys are too cute. How in the world do you get Bash to eat Indian food? My kids are the most boring eaters.

  2. That is one of the funniest things ever. I can just see John being a goof ball with the deer and skeleton. And Mia in the dinosaur!? Ya'll are loco! Too fun!

  3. Love the picture of Johna and the skeleton. Looks like ya'll had a fun outing as a family. Ms. Mia is just too cute for words.

  4. those are too cute!-miss seeing you too-hope we can get together soon! CAll me sometime!

  5. You look so happy and have come a long way friend.....when's my turn..just's all part of the big plan. When are you'll coming down, I want to see Mia! I text you the day after she was born,but maybe you didn't get it? Congratulations and your family is beautiful!!


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