Friday, April 15, 2011

5 dinners in 1 hour

So, I was recently made aware of a blog that will completley change your life, as it did mine. When I heard about this concept: THE CLOUDS PARTED, THE HEAVENS OPENED AND THE ANGELS SANG...AHHHHHH It's called Make 5 dinners in ONE hour , ha try more like 45 min. I was shocked to have 5 meals for the week ready to go in less than 1 hour, including clean up. The pic below is literally all I needed. So, it works out to be 1.25 a week and the genius that she is Michelle will email you a menu that includes a shopping list, assembly instructions, storing instructions, and cooking directions. It's so simple, convenient, easy, ughh I just can't say enough good things about it. I tried it for the first time 2 weeks ago and I'm hooked.
-if you have a menu board that never gets planned or follow...this is for you

-if you hate grocery shopping because it takes too long....this is for you

-if you're vegetables go bad before you use them....this is for you

-if you shuttle kids to activities daily and don't have time to prepare dinner...this is for you

-if you're in a rut and can't think of anything fun and delish to make for dinner...this is for you

-if you're not that great in the kitchen but can read and follow directions...this is for you
click on her link above and get your FREE trial menu, you won't be disappointed!
You can thank me later, YOUR WELCOME! all dinners (w/out sides) prepped and ready to cook and serve first dinner from bags above last dinner also from bag above / Might I add, my family loved and devoured them all

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