Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bye Uncle Joe !

Well, Uncle Joe's stay, while way too short, was truly a blessing. I know John will always cherish the time he got to spend with his "baby brother", especially him coming to church with us two Sundays in a row. If you knew Joe you'd know that's a pretty awesome thing. They did some serious male bonding, ie: trip to Bass Pro Shop with Jonah and Bash, working out, grilling streaks, fixing cars, and just hangin doing guy things. I'll sure miss having a serious shopping and lunch buddy, Joe was down to go whereever and whenever, which is really cool because John hates shopping so he was glad that Joe was so willing! We even got to do a serious shopping spree for a wedding he was going to in San Diego when he got home. We managed to eat lunch with John at least 3 times a week and hit up some really cool restaurants. Joe was a fabulous sitter too, as soon as he heard Mia wake up from her nap he'd ask if he could get her. It was so cute, by the end of his visit, if she fussed for anything, he knew what she wanted and he'd get it for her. Bash was on cloud nine cause he had someone to shoot air soft guns with and talk about guns and knives and play Mario Kart. We miss Uncle Joe tons already, but we're looking forward to his next visit soon!

Joe's last night

Hangin with Mia before his flight

Watchin videos

The video was teaching the word "smiling" and Uncle Joe taught her to smile, they did this every morning together so she was bound to learn

After we dropped off Uncle Joe at the air the airport, Mia just stood at the doorway pouting. I guess she realized he wasn't coming back. I of coarse got out the camera and tried to make her laugh. These are the many faces of Mia...
many faces of mia


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  2. Those are cute pictures of Mia! It looks like fun you got to spend so much time with Joe.


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