Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who loves Uncle Joe? We do !

Having John's younger brother Joe here has been amazing, and seeing him with our kids is even more precious! Bash is constantly wanting to know where he is and if he's coming to where ever we're going and Mia is just smitten with him. She runs to him after nap time, if she wants to give kisses, when we're leaving so he can carry her, and just to be loved. We'll sure miss him when he's gone but we know we'll see him again real soon. (SIDE NOTE: Where is Bash, you ask, DECLINING photo ops as usual!

Discovery Green

Build a Bear

So, Uncle Joe took Mia to get her 1st Build a Bear for her birthday and she was lovin the whole process! She picked out her bear Hello Kitty and then took it to get stuffed and waited patiently by the way, then she and daddy bathed it and we picked out her clothes, yada yada yada, you know the rest. It was sweet to see her enjoy all of the steps involved in building her bear. Thanks Uncle Joe!

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